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About Us

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Exosomes For Research and Biopharmaceutical Needs

EriVan Bio offers the highest quality exosomes for research purposes and for the biopharmaceutical industry. We offer several types of exosomes and can meet research and manufacturing needs at scale.

EriVan Bio is an innovative biotechnology company established to deliver products and services related to exosome technology for molecular and cell biology research and therapeutic purposes, with a focus on regenerative medicine and cancer treatment. EriVan Bio offers a broad pipeline of novel and targeted biomolecules to address different unmet medical needs.


Exosomes for Therapeutic Applications


EriVan Bio works mainly in the therapeutic and drug development field and on exosome-based diagnostics to develop exosome-based tests and assays for unmet medical needs. Moreover, there is a potential for exosomes to be used as targeted delivery vehicles of therapeutic molecules to cancer cells, for example, delivering a small interfering RNA specific for a particular oncogene expressed in a tumor cell. Research tools for exosome detection and isolation constitute another field of expertise and development.


Born From Cutting Edge Research


EriVan Bio was established with the inspiration of research of miRNA and exosomes, focusing on noncoding RNAs, extracellular vesicles and cancer, with emphasis on the use of microRNAs as therapeutic agents after winning the 2018 University of Florida Big Idea Competition from his lab.


We are located at the Sid Martin Biotechnology Incubator in Alachua, Florida, a global epicenter for biotechnology.

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