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We offer specialized services for our clients. 

Tissue Exosome Extraction

We have experience extracting exosomes from within the cells of many types of animal tissues and may be able to help you if this is of interest.

Large-Scale Exosome Production


We are capable of producing large-scale batches of exosomes.  If your needs require large batches, we are likely to be able to help you.  We can consult with you and generate a plan that is efficient and cost-effective.  Please contact us with your needs, and we will get back to you.


Exosome Characterization


We can perform NTA on your exosome samples to provide you with concentration and size information. We can also run Real-Time PCR assays to determine the presence of miRNAs of interest.


Exosome Loading

We have the ability to load a variety of compound types into exosomes.  If you have an interest in producing an exosome drug delivery system, we can assist you with this.


Exosome Qualification & Quantification

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